Oxo Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner – Why to Purchase?

A baby bottle brush is used to clean the baby bottles while considering the baby’s health. Though many parents use a kitchen sponge to clean their baby bottles. But we would never recommend using a sponge against the baby’s equipment and products

As we know, at an early age humans have a low immune system and for your information, a baby has a very weak immune system. So it is necessary to clean the feeding bottle of your little baby for improving their health and hygiene. 

So here we have come with “oxo tot bottle brush with nipple cleaner”, a bottle brush that we recommend to use for cleaning your little one’s feeding bottle. 

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“Oxo tot bottle brush with nipple cleaner and stand

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Oxo tot baby bottle brush is one of the best bottle brushes used by parents in the United States as well as all over the world. Here we have added some features of the oxo baby bottle brush and the reason why to purchase this oxo bottle brush. 

Best Features: Why to Purchase

# The oxo tot baby bottle brush comes with a nipple cleaner and a stand. So you do not need to put it on the floor/ground while cleaning the feeding bottle, as it has a stand. 

# Oxo bottle brush has two types of bristles, one for gentle or soft cleaning and the other for tough or serious scrubbing. 

# This baby bottle brush has a flexible neck to get easy reach all over inside the bottle. 

# Oxo bottle brush has a proper size and fits with most of the available bottles in the market. That makes it reach and clean bottles with different shapes and sizes.  

# It also comes with a silicone nipple cleaner.   

# The nipple cleaner can be used for any type of bottle nipples, sippy cup, and breast pump parts. 

# Oxo nipple cleaner is attachable with the handle. 

# The ventilation hole of the nipple cleaner makes it to dry fast. 

# The handle provides a soft and comfortable grip so that it won’t slip out of wet hands. 

# You can put it in the air to dry it after cleaning because it comes with a stand.

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Essential Product Information

  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 4.5 x 12 inches
  • Material free: BPA and PVC Free
  • Item Weight: 6 ounces
  • Comes with: Oxo tot bottle brush, nipple cleaner, and stand. 

Our recommendation for oxo tot bottle brush

While considering the baby’s health and hygiene, the oxo tot bottle brush will be one of the best picks up for your little one. This product has got many best reviews from moms and dads. So we would recommend to fo for it because it is not costly at all compare to your little one’s health. 

buy on amazon now

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