Story of Pigeon and Wild Elephant

kids story of pigeon and wild elephant

In this article, we have written a kid’s story, “a story of Pigeon and Wild Elephant”. Children like this story very much and also learn good knowledge from it.

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Once a Pigeon lived with her family on a tree. She had built a good nest. She had laid eggs in the nest. The Pigeon was living happily with her family. 

One day a wild elephant came under the tree. The elephant sat in the shade of the tree. The elephant got slept. Then the few tree leaves fall on the elephant. 

The elephant got angry and broke the branch of the tree on which Pigeon and her family were living. Pigeon’s nest and eggs fall and break. Though both parents Pigeon survived. The pigeon mourned in sorrow.

The pigeon went and told the Woodpecker. After knowing all this, Woodpecker consoled the Pigeon. The Woodpecker told her to think of a way to kill the elephant. Then the Pigeon and Woodpecker went to her friend the Frog.

The frog was so clever. Then the frog made a plan to kill the elephant. He said we have to make elephant sleep. Then the pigeon said I can make it sleep. The pigeon said I can echo in the elephant’s ears. So that the elephant would get thrilled and crazy listening to the music and close its eyes.

The frog said we need to burst the elephant’s eye. Then the woodpecker said I can do this. I will burst the elephant’s eyes with my sharp beak, as soon as the elephant closes its eyes.

kids story of elephant

The frog said then I will do the rest work to kill the elephant. He said let’s go near to the tree. 

They came near to the tree. The pigeon starts singing. Then the elephant got slept. After then the woodpecker burst the elephant’s eyes with its sharp beak. 

With broken eyes, the elephant starts roaming around. At the same time, the frog starts to make a sound. The frog was making the sound from near a pit.

The elephant felt that the frog had burst his eyes. He followed the frog. Then the elephant fell into the pit and get died. 

Moral of the story

The moral of the story is that, even though the Pigeon, Woodpecker, and the Frog were weaker but they won. They defeat the wild elephant with their wisdom. So wisdom is always superior. 

I hope you liked the story of Pigeon and Wild Elephant. So what you (kids or storyteller) learned from this story? Comment us.

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