Story of a Clever Cat and Lion

kids story cat and lion

This is the story of a clever cat and lion. Once upon a time in a jungle, there was a clever cat living with many other animals. They all lived together happily. The cat was so clever and always helping other animals. So all animals respected the cat very much. 

Once a lion came into the jungle. Whenever he gets hungry, he was killing so many animals. But even after killing so many animals, he used to eat only one or two animals and left everyone dead. All animals were frightened and scared by this act of Lion.

Then one day all animals went to discuss this issue with the cat. The cat listened to them all carefully and made a plan. Then the cat and a few other animals went to meet the lion.

They said to the lion, a lot of animals get killed by you. If you keep killing animals, then soon all the animals will be destroyed by this forest. The lion said, what do I eat if I don’t kill animals. 

Then the clever cat said, we have a plan for your hunger dear king. We will send one animal daily to your cave. You can kill him for your food. And this way you will find your food at your place and don’t have to go hunting. 

The lion was happy about this plan. So he gets agreed and said if I do not get an animal, I will kill all of you. 

And thus every day an animal used to go to the lion’s cave, which he killed and ate. And soon the day of the cat also comes, to become the food of the lion. 

The cat thought today I have to be dead. So let’s roam the jungle and will go late to the lion’s cave. While roaming the cat saw a large and deep well (waterhole) in the middle of the jungle. And finally, he reached the lion’s cave in the evening. 

cat saw the well

Cat saw the well in the middle of the Jungle

The lion was so hungry as well as angry. He roared angrily on the cat and asked why you got late. But the clever cat did not afraid. 

The cat told the lion that he was coming, but…

The lion asked, but what???

The cat said when I was coming to you dear king, I saw a big lion in the middle of the jungle. He caught me, but somehow I came to you after tricking him. And the big lion said that he is the king of this jungle. 

The lion roared and said, who has dared to become the king of this jungle. And there is no lion in this jungle except me. So me that lion and I will kill him. 

Then the cat took the lion to the middle of the forest where there was a well. The cat pointed near the well and said, dear king, the big lion had caught me there. 

cat and lion

Cat took the Lion near to the Well

The lion came near to the well and peek in. He saw the shadow of himself in the water of the well. He roared and said, who are you? The voice echoed ‘who are you’?

The lion said, “I am the king of this jungle.” And again voice echoed, “I am the king of this jungle.” 

Then the lion got so angry, and he jumped into the well to kill his shadow. He drowned in the well and get dead. 

And thus the clever cat saved his life and other animal’s life. All the animals of the jungle were so happy. And thus the cat and all the animals happily started living again in the jungle.

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