Best Baby Toys for 1-Year-Old in 2021

best baby toys

Toys play an important role in the life of kids. Toys enhance their feelings, creativity, development, and sometimes many memories of life get attached to them. So choosing the best baby toys for your little one matters a lot. 

You can find here, early development toys, play vehicle toys for 1-year-old, baby educational toys, baby and toddlers toys, and other games activities. The baby toys decide a lot in your baby’s growth and future behavior. According to child development experts, parents should also consider about future before buying a toy for their baby. A good selection of toys for a one-year-old can set your child to enjoy many years of fun. 

Here we have mentioned some of the best baby toys for 1-year-old and up (infants to toddlers). And as we always quote, we would never list a product here that we can not recommend for our own baby.

Best Baby Toys

Below, you can see some best baby toys for a 1-year-old. These 1-year-old toys would be very beneficial for your baby’s growth. 

1. Musical Turtle Toy – Infants and Toddlers


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This musical turtle toy would be a great friend to grow with your kids. It is suitable for ages 6-12 months, but a great fit for toddlers 1-3 years old. It has a volume adjustment button. The turtle looks eye-catching and has 4 different colored shiny lights with different music and songs.

This toy improves educational development, thinking skills, problem-solving, creativity, imagination, sports skills, reading, and life skills. It shows and sings alphabets, numbers, and other baby learning activities. It’s one of the best baby toys, that’s why I have added it at the top. 

2. Animated Plush Flappy the Elephant

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This plush flappy elephant is an adorable toy with singing and two different play mood. It has embroidered features, super soft limbs, and a huggable body that is safe for all ages.  

This soft and cozy toy is ready to be your baby’s best friend right from the start. This toy would feel like a lifetime friend, I would recommend checking it once. 

3. Baby Einstein Musical Toy


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This baby einstein is like a baby’s version of an MP3 player. It has colorful lights that dance across the screen to enhance the entertaining melodies. It is one of the most rated toys in the USA. 

The design and color of this baby einstein toy are loved by most babies. It is recommended for 3 to 36 months old baby, but according to amazon reviews old age babies also love it. This top-rated toy has stimulating lights and 10 engaging melodies. 

4. Pull and Sing Puppy by VTech


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I would say this playful puppy is a visual love because I loved it at first sight. This pull and sing puppy gives total learning fun. It has 60+ playful songs, phrases, and cute puppy sounds, and watch as the puppy’s nose flashes with light.

It has number buttons to learn numbers, colors, and objects, and to hear a song or question. The puppy’s leg moves, the ear turns 360 degrees, and the tailspins. It is recommended for a 3 to 36 months old baby.

5. Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toy

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This toy for 1 year old boys and girls include eight ocean floating friends. These toys are not very big in size and especially made of small hands for babies. This is like ocean adventures at bath time for your little one. 

These floating ocean baby toys encourages learning and imaginative play. The toys are very special for babies and they love while playing and bath time. are colorful, floats on water, and squirts water. Also these are very durable so not worry about chewing and chipping. 

6. VTech Chomp and Count Dino


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This is a fun and early educational toys for 1 year old baby girl and boy. This one year old toy provides early learning center with more than 130 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases. This baby toy comes with volume control and shut-off automatically. 

The dinosour toy by VTech are brightly colored and has 8 food pieces. When your baby would feed him, he will response with sound and action. It is one of the best toy for one year old child and up.

7. Free Swimming Inflatable Baby Float Ring

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This baby swimming float pool toy provide an ideal swimming posture for your 1 year old baby. Your baby may learn kick and swim in early ages with help of this. It make your baby learn horizontal swimming posture. 

It is one of the best baby toys especially for Swimming Pool Play ,Bathtub, and Beach. This provides very easy portability, storage, and very easy to inflate and deflate. Though this is a great pool toy but always pay attention at your baby.

8. Panda Baby Balance Bike Ages 1-3 Year Old

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This is one of the best baby bikes for 1 year old and you can also select other designs and colors. It can be the very first birthday gift for baby boys and baby girls. It is one of the great indoor baby toys and especially a non-pedal walker toy.

This Panda Baby Balance Bike can be your baby’s first bike. For one year, this baby vehicle toy for 1 year has used fully enclosed wheels with no pedals to avoid clamping the baby’s feet. This baby bike has used quality material and it is sturdy and durable. 

So these were some best baby toys for 1-year-old Infants to Toddlers in 2021. I hope you have liked these listed baby toys. You may also like checking some below posts for your baby child. 


Disclosure-: “If you buy from our links, we may receive small affiliate advertising fees. We have reviewed and added these products here, after hours of proper analysis and research. We would never list a product here that we can not recommend to our own baby/child.”

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