10 Things To Do When Baby Teeth Fall Out

baby teeth fall out

Did you ever wonder:-

  • What to do with your child’s baby teeth when they fall out? 
  • You should keep them safe or just throw it? 
  • Why do doctors suggest keeping them safe?

Of course, it would be fascinating when you have grown up and you found your baby teeth gifted by your parents or someone. Most people love to go back to childhood memories. But what if we found a body part of our baby age. It’s beyond the memories. Personally, I’d love it.

Whereas most of the parents would not like to save it. There may be many reasons to not save it. Usually, it’s bloody and gross when it falls, so some children or parents just throw it.

Well, every parent has different choices to do with a child’s baby teeth but few decisions may be a “tooth fairy” for your baby like to keep them safe. 

What to do with your child’s baby teeth

Here a list of 10 common and interesting things to do with your baby teeth after they fall out. If you do not like to save it just throw it away. But if you are a little interested I would suggest that just look at the below-listed options, then decide what to do with your child’s baby teeth.


1. Create a family tooth album

It’s like saving your ancestors/family inheritance. You can simply create an album for the first fallen tooth of your all family members. It would be cool when your grandchild will see this. Suppose you are seeing this album in your gone days (jokes apart), you must get a smile on the face.

If your family did not save any album like then you should consider this idea and go for it. You may start it with your baby child to fascinate them in the future. 


2. Child’s baby teeth for stem cells (Doctor Suggest)

If you ask any dental doctor they would suggest keeping safe your child’s first baby teeth. Because it contains very useful mesenchymal stem cells. These stem cells could help your child later if they get sick with certain illnesses or diseases. 

These stem cells can reproduce any other cells in your body and could be easily replaceable with damaged cells. Basically, it would be great if you save the tooth for your child’s health in the future.


3. Bury the tooth in the ground

If you do not want to save them in appearing position then this option would be good to bury the baby’s tooth. I think it’s just a superstition that many people follow this. I personally do not get any logic in this way.

But this option would also be so cool when in the future you told your son/daughter that your tooth is in the ground. All you have to keep in mind the ground position.

child teeth fall


4. Color child’s baby teeth and save it

It is awesome if we saw some multi-colored teeth. When your child’s teeth fall just save it somewhere. After a few days clean it with alcohol and color it. You can gift it later or on a special birthday. 


5. Save the teeth in a transparent bottle

You can save the teeth in a glass bottle. It would look good if your bottle is transparent. By this, you can easily look at it from the outside and do not need to take it in hand. If you want to give it as a gift then you can also use some designed bottles. 


6. Create a custom design with teeth

Imagine you have some home decor products that are embedded with your child’s baby teeth. Wouldn’t it be a wonder? It must be if you like saving your baby teeth in this way.

You can also embed it in a product that your baby use. Like you can make a wooden baby chair with some designed and colored tooth embed in it.

You can use any design whatever you like, but just remember that the product must be so durable.


7. Sell the child’s baby tooth

I think it does not sound good but in reality, people like cool products made with the baby tooth. So you can sell your baby’s tooth online on etsy.com. I hope you can get a better price here rather than throwing it in the garbage.


8. Create teeth neckless or jewelry

You can also find some jewelry created by baby tooth. Instead of making a custom design, you can use your child’s baby teeth in neckless or in other jewelry. Like in a ring, It would be cool if you use a white and shining tooth instead of a diamond.


9. Gift a tooth fairy

Believe me, it would be an awesome tooth fairy gift for your child, especially on your birthday at the age of 13. After this age, children become a little mature and it would be great fun of gifting a tooth. 

If your family is humorous then you should gift it after 18. It’s like the more patience the more fun (lol). You can also gift it at Christmas.


10. Save it in a baby tooth box

Most parents do this and if you check online you will find many designed boxes specially made for saving your baby tooth. It is a simple and interesting way to keep your child’s baby tooth safe.

Do tell us in the comment which one option you like the most? Or do you have any other interesting option to save your child’s baby teeth?



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